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Signs of a Bad Workout Routine

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Not all exercise plans are created equal. The best way to get fit (and stay that way) is to establish a healthy fitness routine from the beginning. It’s time to rethink your workout plan if you notice any of the signs below.

7 Ways to Sabotage Your Workout

You Drag Yourself to Exercise
If you’re exhausted and if working out isn’t fun, then take a break and reassess. It may be that you aren’t taking enough rest days or that you’re overtraining and your body is tired. Or perhaps you need a different exercise activity that inspires you.
You Have Hit a Plateau
When you are not doing enough strength training, you stop progressing. Cardio alone is not enough. Doing more muscle conditioning can boost and restart your metabolism. It can make your muscles more effective and help you sustain yourself for longer cardio workouts. And be sure to challenge your muscles. “Most women don’t push themselves hard enough and use extremely light weights,” Schoenfeld says.

You Embrace the Notion of “No Pain, No Gain”
You want a strenuous workout, but not to the point that it hurts. “When you push yourself too hard, you are setting yourself up for injury,” Supper says. Don’t be a superstar.  Being overly sore is a sign that you are training too hard.

You Use Old Shoes
Good shoes are essential to lessening the risk of injury, especially to your knees and back, Johnson says. Get the right type of shoe for the right activity. And when shoes are worn out, replace them.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water
Take in fluids before, during, and after your workout. The amount depends on your body weight and activity level, but a good rule of thumb is to shoot for 64 ounces daily, with water being the most essential.

You Read or Gab While Exercising
People need to pay attention to what they are doing to get the most benefit, especially when weight training, Schoenfeld says. Focus on your body; pick up the book and cell phone afterward. That said, however, everyone is different. To get through a monotonous treadmill workout, it’s OK to turn to some form of entertainment, such as music, if you can’t be fully engaged, Ross says.

You Don’t Take a Rest Day
Your body needs adequate recovery time between workouts to refuel. If possible, experts recommend two full days of rest per week (not necessarily consecutive.) Physically, your muscles actually build during your down days; mentally, taking a break helps avoid burnout.

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